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Over 22 years of 


in Beauty, Ink, & Aesthetics 

Cosmedic Ink & Aesthetics

Royal Rose

Permanent Make-up  & Injection Specialist

With an impressive background and ceaseless passion for helping others feel virtuous, Rose has invested over two decades of her life in the health and beauty industry. Rose started her love as an adolescent, self-taught and educated, offering her services well before any beauty schooling and becoming licensed. Ms. Rose started tattooing at the young age of 13 and started her beauty career over 20 years ago. For over the past two decades, Rose has held a Cosmetology license in the state of Colorado. With a genuine commitment to advancing in the practice of beauty and culture, Rose has earned over a dozen certificates in Permanent make-up health and beauty, making her well experienced with leaders in the beauty industry of virtue, needle, and ink pigmentation.

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