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Over 22 years of 


in Beauty, Ink, & Aesthetics 

Cosmedic Ink & Aesthetics

Royal Rose

Permanent Make-up  & Skin Specialist

With an impressive background and ceaseless passion for helping others feel virtuous, Rose has invested over two decades of her life in the health and beauty industry. Rose started her love as an adolescent, self-taught and educated, offering her services well before any beauty schooling and becoming licensed. Ms. Rose started tattooing at the young age of 13 and started her beauty career over 20 years ago. For over the past two decades, Rose has held a Cosmetology license in the state of Colorado. With a genuine commitment to advancing in the practice of beauty and culture, Rose has earned over a dozen certificates in Permanent make-up health and beauty, making her well-experienced with leaders in the beauty industry of virtue, needle, and ink pigmentation.

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Brow Needling

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5 Star Review

When getting something so permanent on our face which is the stage of first impressions, I wouldn't have been comfortable doing it any other way than the way Rose guided me through the process. I needed to feel comfortable saying exactly what I wanted and she created the atmosphere that I could do just that. Thank you Rose!

Royal is a true professional and an amazing artist. Her attention to detail is impressive. She wants to make sure her clients are 100% thrilled with the result. She answered all of my questions and gave her professional opinion to help me arrive at the perfect brows for my face!

I previously had a horrible experience with another brow person. Rose knew how paranoid and traumatizing that was for me. She took her time to make sure I felt confident and comfortable. My brows look amazing and I am so happy I entrusted her with my face.

— Kristina Hayes

Rose is a leader in the permanent makeup industry. Her techniques are cutting edge and she is always on point with the latest trends. Her knowledge is extensive and she is fully invested in her services. Always a pleasure to be in her studio!!

— Natalie Sperstad

I started going to Rose for beauty enhancements in January 2020. She has given me eyelash lifts, removed my micro-bladed eyebrows, and gave me ombre brows. I love waking up in the morning looking beautiful with little effort. Rose's services have saved me so much time and have given me confidence in myself. Not only are her services top of the line, but Rose herself has a heart of gold! I highly recommend Rose for your beauty needs.

— Yvette Berrelez

... I had the ombre brows done, love them and the experience and healing went well. I had a skin treatment it was an amazing experience. My skin was glowing and so smooth, I didn’t want to put on makeup after my treatment. Rose is passionate about her work, and it shows. She makes you feel like a queen. I have not been disappointed. I look forward to future services.

— Eva Keaton

I received the fibroblast on my upper eyelids. I was nervous but Rose’s bedside manner is awesome. She didn’t hesitate to answer my questions and explained each step of the procedure as we went through it. We shared good conversation and she always made sure that I was doing ok. Cleanliness is great. I’m already noticing a difference and am ready to book my next session. Overall this has been an A+ experience. Thank you!!!!

My experience was absolutely amazing! Mrs. Rose is very professional and yet down-to-earth. She does a marvelous job because she absolutely loves what she does. She takes time with you making you very comfortable. She explains to you what she is doing. People look at me and give me compliments. They know something is different. When I tell them it's my eyebrows, they are amazing at the quality of work, I brag... Without a doubt, she has made me so happy and satisfied! 

— Linda Smith


Consultation by Royal Rose


  • We assess your skin type and condition, relevant medical background, lifestyle, goals, desires, and any upcoming special events that affect your scheduling. We’ll then discuss the various treatment methods available, the pros and cons of each as they apply to you personally, and any preparation you’ll want to do to maximize your results.

  • Come to the consultation with an open mind. Social sites like Instagram have created enormous misunderstandings and misinformation around buzzwords like "microblading," leading clients to ask for the wrong thing too often and leave disappointed.

  • We highly recommend consultations be done so we can inspect your skin up close. We’ll schedule your consultation as a video call when this is not practical or possible. 

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