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Micropigmentation Semi-Permanent  Procedures

The term “permanent makeup” is a bit of a misnomer because it isn't truly permanent, but with long-lasting results and little downtime, the popularity of digital microblading and permanent makeup is exploding making life easier for people across the world.

Semi-Permanent Makeup is Perfect for:

  • Shortening your daily makeup regimen

  • Sparse, thinning or over-tweezed eyebrows

  • Pale lips or fading lip lines

  • Contact lens wearers

  • Allergy sufferers

  • Physically active people

  • Undefined lash lines

  • Improving the appearance of wrinkles

  • Improving the appearance of wrinkles

  • Reducing the visibility of scarring

  • People with alopecia or vitiligo

  • Wanting to wake up with Makeup

  • Needing assistance lacking mobility 

  • Make life easy 



Digital Microblading/
Hair stroke

This services is very common as it replicates / mimics the hair strokes making the brow shape visible with hair strokes.  This services is known for manually hand tools but at Cosmetic Ink we use machine making this style last 3X longer, less touch ups, and 80% less trauma to the skin.

Micro- Shade

This style of the brow is suttle and lights leaving a (make-up) powdered look brow. This service can be performed manually or with PMU tattoo machine.



This style of brow is  our most popular where we use a machine to shade in your brows from light  at the bulb to dark at the tail, giving a solid effect that creates a defined and vintage look.

Old fashion permanent tattooing  fades to blue/gray or red/pink over time and is no longer a thing. Permanent makeup has revolutionized in technique and styles leaving consistent  color of choice and detailed time in measurement for true happiness.
Book a consultation to find out what style will best suit your needs.


All Over Lip Tint

This service provides the ultimate color all over tint to those lips. this service enhances any shape of the lip and for some, it may feel and appear fuller. Consultation is suggested to best determine the procedure requested.

Lip Creator

This service uses multiple shades in certain areas of the mouth to create a lip on trauma victims or if born with birth defects. Consultation is suggested to best determine the procedure requested.

Lip Correction

Unfortunately, bad makeup does happen... have no worries & let Cosmedic Ink REMOVE and correctly apply. This procedure may not be suitable for any candidate. Consultation is suggested to best determine the procedure requested.


choose from a variety of colors and styles to suit your wake up dreams

Lash Line Enhancement

 The most natural of looks is the thin lash liner enhancements. This option is the fastest and most effective look for the person who wants makeup but does not want it to be dramatic. Simply wake up with makeup. Consultation is always suggested for enhancements 

Stacked Glam Lash Liner

This style of eyeliner gives the lower or top lash line a dramatic bold look with a sharp wing. This service is an additional add on. a consultation is required to determine suitability.

Marble Surface


Scars are inevitable and somethings caused by self, accident, or health issues whatever the concern maybe there is a service to correct and improve the look and appearance.

Areola Tattoo

For many breast cancer survivors and anyone who is undergoing gender confirmation surgery, areola tattooing is the final step in their reconstruction journey. Consultation REQUIRED

Skin Camouflage

Camouflage treatment help to conceal vitiligo, scar, stretch marks, burns, or any imperfections on the face or elsewhere on the body.  Consultation REQUIRED

Scar Relaxation

Micro-needling removes the top layer of the skin, stimulating collagen and elastin growth while smoothing the skin, shrinking pores, evening hyper-pigmentation, smoothing fine lines,  wrinkles, and more. This service is sometimes paired with skin camouflage for best results, depending on the trauma of the skin. Consultation Required 

Many new clients ask us to correct or refresh permanent makeup that was applied by someone else. We can usually improve the appearance. In many cases, or we can achieve the same result as if we'd done the work from scratch. This involves several unknowns: brand and composition of the pigments used by the original practitioner, color, shape, fading, your skin's natural pigmentation, length of time since most recent application, and more. Because of this, we can not guarantee a specific result or how many sessions will be optimal.

  • Please note some clients may not best suitable for micro pigmentation correction depending on the severity of previous services done by other artist.

Pricing: If additional work is required  to correct someone else's work, additional appointments are scheduled and charged as a set up/touchup  according to our fee rates. CONSULTATION  REQUIRED

Prior Treatments


Royal Rose Consultation


  • We assess your skin type and condition, relevant medical background, lifestyle, goals, desires, and any upcoming special events that affect your scheduling. We’ll then discuss the various treatment methods available, the pros and cons of each as they apply to you personally, and any preparation you want to do to maximize your results.

  • Come to the consultation with an open mind. Social sites like Instagram have created enormous misunderstanding and misinformation around buzzwords like "microblading," leading clients to ask for the wrong thing too often and walk away disappointed.

  • We highly recommend consultations be done so we can inspect your skin up close. We’ll schedule your consultation as a video call when this is not practical or possible. 

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