Virtual Facials

Customized For Your Needs

😍We have some exciting things happening here at Cosmetic Ink! I think we can all agree that a little “me time” is crucial with everything going on right now. 😍

Whether you’re needing an escape from conforming to a home-school teacher at the drop of a hat or are just sick and tired of watching the same Netflix series and scrolling through the same Facebook & we could all use a BREAK!

To assure clients are taking good care of themselves Cosmetic Ink is launching a Virtual Spa Facial Party/Event to help our local community (and not-so-local virtual friends) have a mini-getaway amidst the chaos - even if for just an hour or two!

With this virtual event, you will receive an amazing care box which will include:

✅REMOVE Foaming Cleanser with organic jojoba and aloe oil adding moisturizer while cleaning

✅FIRM Peptide Serum, lifts the skin & help skin obtain superior hydration

✅REPAIR Daily Moisturizer. Fight the effects of the sun with biocompatible watermelon extract and lingonberry stem cells.

✅REPAIR Light Daily Moisturizer; helps replenish your skin with the hydration it needs to stay youthful and healthy.

✅BRIGHT Eye Cream, boosts collagen production and reduces the appearance of fine lines and dark circles,

✅REMEDY Treatment Oil helps calm & relief for dry skin to brighten and restore skin

✅EXFOLIATE Enzyme Masque, help naturally eliminate dead skin cells, revealing smoother skin.

✅GLOW Illuminating Masque helps a reduction in dark spots and scars

✅RELIEF Salve full spectrum helps penetrate deeply tired muscles offering soothing relief

At this event, we will be doing:

⭐Triangle Breathing for relaxation

⭐Toast with your choice of beverage

⭐Customizable skin care advice

⭐Here's how it works step by step over product knowledge for best results.

And the better part is, it’s not just for the stressed-out moms of the world - feel free to have the family and maybe even you hubby join in the fun (might even get a few priceless laughs out of that one!).

We are so excited to be doing this to bring our community together! All we ask is you cover the cost of the kits ($48) which will be shipped straight to your door, no contact needed!

This virtual party will be held over zoom, which you can use on your laptop, computer, phone, or tablet! 🤗

Let’s come together and have a few laughs and a whole lot of fun.

We’ll see you there!


That's not all. If you subscribe & purchase the facial bag today and you get a signature facial for Free when we reopen.


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